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Wants to test your basics on Cloud Computing. This Cloud Computing Quiz helps you to test how good you are at Cloud Computing. And if you are planning to study before giving this test, then you can read blog posts from this website. This will help you to clear your cloud fundamentals and helps you to build up your confidence. This Cloud Computing Quiz contains around ten questions of multiple choice with 3 to 4 options. You have to select the right answer to a question. You can see the correct answer after completion of your test.

Cloud Computing Quiz

Which one is viewed as benefits of using cloud computing services?
You're planning for developing an application and want to focus on building, testing, and deploying. You don't want to bother about managing the underlying software or hardware. Which cloud service type is best for you?
Suppose your company has two types of applications: one is legacy applications that require specialized hardware and second applications that can run on commodity hardware. Which cloud deployment model would be best for this type of scenario?
When should you scale out your deployment
What does Application availability refers?
Imagine that you work on a ticket booking application that runs on millions of mobile devices. Demand is unpredictable because you see a spike in usage whenever a new blockbuster movie is released. Which compute resource is the best match for this workload?
The compute options give you different levels of control over the configuration of the environment in which your application runs. Which of the following lists the compute options in order of your control from "least control" to "most control"?
Which of the following acronyms refers to a software distribution model in which a cloud provider manages and hosts an app that users access via the internet?
What is a Virtual Private Network or VPN?
Which of the following is not cloud service provider ?
Cloud Computing Basics Quiz
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